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Western Soul Australia prides itself on connecting people to the great brands and products we work with. On many occasions after seeing the passion in the development of a product or hearing the story how or why the brand was established, we can’t help but want to support it and share it with everyone!

So here you will find a collection of products that relate to our vision as a business, in connecting people to quality, products or brands that empowers, serves purpose and creates a sense of pride to be apart of their story.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Sisters, DeeDee Plank and Noelle Plank Salmon, are the fuel behind Pink Panache. The combination of their distinct personalities and design styles is what makes a PinkPanache piece so recognizable.

Their styles fuse together with the end result being a constantly evolving collection of retro-artisan jewelry, difficult to put a label on.

 Every distinct piece they create is HANDCRAFTED in Dallas, Texas with metals from the U.S. and a stunning array of beads from every corner of the world.

On a personal note - we loved the fact that the jewelry is not only handcrafted, but all the metal elements are very light weight, so if your like us and like to wear dangling earrings that aren't pulling on your ear lobes than Pink Panache is the answer.

The style of Pink Panache is very unique and with such a diverse range there is certainly a piece that suits everyone.


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