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Let me 



Personal Style

So you live and work on the land, and you love the rural life but when it comes to personal style, you avoid making the time and effort for yourself, it’s not something that’s important when you spend most days in work clothes right?

You have an ‘it’ll do’ attitude when it comes to putting your outfits together, and it seems like you have so many clothes, but some days you still feel like there’s nothing to wear, and just the thought of going through your wardrobe is stressful enough!


Hi - I’m Julie owner of Western Soul Australia, and I know what it’s like to live in rural and remote regions of Australia, with limited access to shops and fashion stores, let alone the time wasted in finding reputable places to buy online.

As a personal stylist, not only will I inform you of the best places to shop, but I’ll help you to embrace confidence in what to wear and how you wear it! I know how to fit clothes that suit your body shape, and how to work with colours and accessories to present the best version of you from the inside out.

Let me inspire your style so next time you head to town, or into the arena, your feeling fashionable and confident in every way.



How it works

You have the opportunity to join me online or face to face (yes I do travel). You can chose from a 1 on 1 session or have some fun with a group of friends.

If there’s a particular item you’d like some help to find, I have connections to over 100 Country & Western stores across Australia and might just be able to help you find it, or you can gain access our store directory we are currently creating. If there's a style session you don't see we can also customise one to cover your requirements, check out our list below for more details of our style sessions.

Personal Style Consultation 

A Personal Colour and Body Shape analysis, including tips and tricks to enhance your best features by colours and shapes and how to feel confortable and confident with all areas of your body.

I’ll give you all the tips to help you with future purchases, and you’ll go away knowing the styles that flatten your figure, including the latest trending styles and colours.



*Summary of your body shape and colours

*A list what styles and colours work well for you

*1 month free access to Country & Western Store Directory  

Wardrobe Draft Up

Lets get down to business! Did you know that most women only wear 20% of the items in their wardrobe 80% of the time?

Yes your wardrobe Draft may include items you don’t need anymore but it will also include some much loved items brought back with newly styled outfits.

I will give you advice on what colours work for you, what styles best suit your body shape and what items could be altered slightly to work with your lifestyle.


We’ll discuss and assess which outfits you love, pieces you could add, and how to incorporate the rest of your wardrobe, leaving you with several fresh new looks that suit your personal taste and lifestyle!



*A new looking wardrobe with fresh new styled outfits.

*Photo’s of new outfits

*Summary of what we covered including styles and colours that work well with your style and taste and body shape.

*A shopping list of items you to add or would contribute to your style.

*1 month Free access to out Country and Western Store directory.

Shopping & Sourcing Styles 

Lets have a shopping adventure like no other!

If your looking for a particular item or you’d like some professional shopping advice, I’ve got you covered!

There’s so many choices when it comes to buying fashion, but I’ll save you time, money and help get exactly what you want or need. You get my professional advice on styles and colours that work well for you and ones that need to be forgotten! I’ll also show you how to customise a look that’s versatile and works with your lifestyle and budget.

You’ll also get all the details and contacts of local and online stores so you can refer back to this after our session.



  • Face to Face or online advice on styles and stores to shop at.

  • A list what styles and colours work well for you

  • Latest deals and promotions in stores and online.

  • 1 month free access to Country & Western Fashion Directory